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It takes cooperation and commitment of the world community to ensure that this website can be the best possible.  We appreciate the efforts and assistance of those below:

Eva Rothschild-Dorn  Survivor

Heinz Schön  Gustloff Survivor, Author and Expert

Helga Knickerbocker  Survivor

Rose Petrus  Survivor

Horst Woit  Survivor

Irene East  Survivor

Bill J.  Survivor

Karl Steibl  Officer and Gustloff rescuer from Torpedoboat Löwe

Anja Greitsch  Head translator wilhelmgustloff.com

Ingolf Gardzella  Translator wilhelmgustloff.com

Rita Rowand  Niece of Navy Seaman Walter Salk - victim of the Gustloff disaster

Marcus Kolga  RealWorld Pictures

Zoe Dirse  Cinematographer

Jacek Zakrzewski  Audio Engineer

Claes-Göran Wetterholm  Author & Maritime Historian

Steve Robinson  Senior Administrator, See Breezes Magazine  www.seabreezes.co.im

Mike Boring  Lead Diver of the Gustloff wreck - May 2003

Marion & Thomas Lehmann

Thorsten Totzke   www.lostliners.de

Irwin Kappes  Author, Artist and Naval Historian

Craig Delf

Martin Cahill

Marc Peltier

Chris Howden  CBC As It Happens

Marta Marasz  Blohm+Voss

John Sauvigeau

John "Mackie" Mackay

David Bernstein

Phill Maassad

Michael Pocock   www.maritimequest.com

Cindy Lange-Kubick  Journalist, Lincoln Journal Star

Fabio Ruberti  IANTD Expeditions  www.iantdexpeditions.com 

Christine Gore

Vasco Mantas

Russ Willoughby

Edward Koenig


We look forward to adding more names to this list!  Find out ways you can help here.



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